We provide learner support and mentoring for those struggling
with daily literacy challenges.

Want to learn?

Do you or an adult you know need help with reading, writing, or help with math?  Maybe you’d like to be able to help your child with homework or fill out forms and read the newspaper.  We can help!

We can do a  skills assessment with you, and help place you with a learning coach to help reach your goals.  We recognize that some adults may not have had the opportunity to learn effectively and in their own way.  There may be a lack of confidence, and perhaps other barriers to learning .  Our consultations are completely personal and confidential. 


Any adult 18 years or older who meet the program requirements can access these services for free.

Adults who are struggling with literacy skills can come to us on their own or may be referred to us from other organizations. We try our best to accommodate any adult with a learning need and a desire to work on those skills.  The benefits of working on these skills reach far beyond English or Math.  There are happiness, confidence and health benefits that are realized for an engaged and motivated Learner.

Our goal is to help adults who struggle with literacy to become more confident and skilled and thus able to function more effectively in today’s world.

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Want to tutor?

We want to talk to you!  We are looking for tutors who would like to help other adults in the community with English as an Additional language, reading, writing, math, apprenticeships or computers and technology.

• Are 19 years or older

• Like working with people

• Have an open mind and believe that all people can learn

• Are interested in community development

We can support with materials, training and a great learning space.  Times are flexible and work with your schedule.  Please contact us for more information.

GED Prep Program

General Equivalency Diploma Prep Program:

Is now the right time for you to get your GED?  We will help you every step of the way!  We have confidential assessments to help determine the right path, and supportive, knowledgeable staff that will guide you through the options, help  with extra practice exercises and resources, and check in with you to see what else you need.


Two options with flexible learning formats allows students to learn strategies to prepare for writing the GED exam. Students focus on developing and improving their writing, reading, science, social studies, and math skills. Students also practice various GED assessment tests to help them feel more comfortable in a timed testing environment. 


This class is designed to help you prepare for your GED exam, or the Alberta General Equivalency Diploma (Grade 12).   Topics include Reading, Writing, Socials, Science and Math. 


Option 1:

GED Prep Class via videoconference delivery with local support.  You can join these live classes from home, as long as you have a device that can use Zoom, and high-speed internet.  Don't have a device or reliable internet?  We have a few spots open in our classroom, physically distanced!  


Mon - Fri afternoons from 1 to 4pm.

Apr 4 - May 30, 2022 


Tues, Wed, Thurs evenings from 5 to 8pm
Apr 19 - Jun 30, 2022


These classes are FREE if you qualify for the bursary available, based on income. The class + exam fees up to $200 covered in bursary.  Please contact us for details.  If you do not qualify for the bursary, but still would like to take this class, the cost is $400 plus the exam fee of $200.  Other subsidy options possible, please inquire!

- OR - 

Option 2:


Online with Tutor Support: New session starts monthly! (See Foundations for Learning Program listed below for more details).

Cost:  $250 +$200 exam
8 week course through NorQuest College, with 30 hours free tutoring provided by Drayton Valley & District Community Learning Association.

NEW!  Now offering the Alberta GED exam (computer based) in our private exam room.  Call or email for more information, or go online to GED.com to register and book your exam!

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These two programs are supported by a grant through: 

adult reading/writing program

Learners will learn grammar basics, reading for information and paragraph structure. This will help adult learners to read with purpose and write effectively at their level. At the end of the session, learners will have the core competencies to move to a GED (General Education Diploma) or simply will have improved their reading and writing skills for daily life.. If you are struggling with the writing portion of the GED test or are learning English as a Second Language, this is the class for you!

Mon & Wed 6 - 8pm

February 14 - March 23, 2022


skills for learning bootcamp

Adult learners will learn how to manage test taking stress and build good study habits to achieve their goals. They will also learn confidence building skills that will help them to continue to be committed to their success. Participants will also practice attitude building skills to be successful in the class and work environment. Participants will learn that presentation is important in every area of their lives. Learners will have opportunity to practice and build skills by role play and break out sessions.

Tue & Thurs 6 - 8pm

February 15 - March 3, 2022


Writing with Pen
Foundations for Learning

Pre-Upgrading (Grades 7 - 9 Level)
with FREE Tutor Support

In partnership with NorQuest College, this program will help learners gain skills in math, science, English, and English language proficiency, and provide opportunities for learners to continue on to post-secondary programs.

GEDP1521 GED Prep Foundations - Online Real-Time

MATH1521 Pre-Trades Math and Science Preparation Foundations

MATH1524 Prep for Practical Nurse Math Foundations

MATH1522 Pre-Algebra Foundations

MATH1523 High School Math Prep Foundations
New! ESLS1521 Listening & Speaking Foundations - CLB 5-6

Each course is $250-300.  30 hours of one-on-one tutor support is included! 

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