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We offer short-term, non-credit learning opportunities for adults who are looking to increase their skills in various software applications, employability skills and professional development topics.  

To register in any of these classes, browse the calendar below and click on the event to register. You can find the description and dates for the class you are looking for on our Community Classes page. 

Pre-Requisite Information:

In order for you to get the most out of the following computer classes, users should have the following experience:

  • Basic Computer Knowledge (opening/closing/saving files and programs)

  • Navigating Windows 10, Basic keyboarding and mouse skills, Printing

  • Basic email knowledge, including contacts, attachments, forwarding and replying to emails

Accounting Software Additional Pre-Requisites:

  • Understand basic bookkeeping concepts (Debits/Credits, Assets, Liability, Chart of Accounts, etc

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